1999 The Boston Sunday Globe, October 8
      "The show packs an initial punch with big works by Catherine Bertulli and others..."
1991 The Boston Globe, October,6
      "A local artist who went on to achieve a strong reputation"
1985 The Sunday Boston Herald, January 27
      Artwork used in fashion display
1984 The Boston Sunday Globe, December 6
      The most immediately striking thing about Catherine Bertulli's large-scale watercolors at the Barbara Krakow Gallery is their sheer happiness. The colors are hot, clear and zingy
1984 The Christian Science Monitor, December 27
      "informed with an eccentric joie de vivre ... a two-dimensional celebration of color, pattern, and form"
1984 The Boston Herald, December
      "openly celebratory. ... Instead of anger, Bertulli offers wit. Instead of despair, she creates joyous color."
1984 Art in New England, January
      "warm and friendly; intense colors and bold patterns"
1983 The Boston Sunday Globe, August 28
      "...things wild and wonderful"
1983 The Boston Sunday Globe, December 26
      "Catherine Bertulli ... makes jumpy, collage-like combinations of vividly colored shapes
              which resemble Matisse cutouts."
1983 Art in America, May
      " Her saturated colors and densely packed forms conjure up Matisse and Nolde."
1980 The Boston Sunday Globe, December 14
      "...her swift sparkling watercolors, pushed into a new dimension"
1979 The Boston Globe, July 26
      "Matisse-like watercolors, humorous and vibrant."
1978 The Boston Sunday Globe, December, 31
      "exciting debut"
1978 The Boston Sunday Globe, November 26
      "The off-slant compositions ... spring from a fauvist tradition of color, which Bertulli treats in a fresh, engaging manner."
1978 The Boston Globe, October, 8
      "An artist of delightful originality whose watercolors look like no one else's"
1979 Art News, volume 78, November 11
      "...syncopated spatial rhythms ... biting wit"
1978 The Real Paper, April 18
      “ less is more here than meets the eye.”
1978 The Brookline Chronicle, April 6
      "whimsey and fantasy are not dead in New England"