Artist's Statement

My recent work in wall and floor sculptures represents a decisive evolutionary step from my previous figurative and abstract paintings in watercolor and gouache, which can be seen in the archive section. In the earliest experiments that led to these works I was captivated by the purity of the vibrant colors reflected from the underlying surfaces. I have developed specific mediums to accentuate and enhance the luminosity of the pieces – I etch some surfaces with an acid bath, and have used both special acrylic paints and my own mixture of polyurethane and aniline dye to achieve these brilliant light effects

The wall sculptures are influenced by, most especially, the tactile works of Eva Hesse, the luminosity captured by El Anatsui and the integration of form and color in Sung Dynasty pottery.

The towering, columnar forms of the standing aluminum sculptures are surprisingly sturdy yet still fragile. With each site-specific installation the sculpture's edges and volumes vary slightly, reflecting my intuitive, immediate response to the space. The sculpture is finally animated when the individual components are placed in relation to each other and interact with the observer.

Fabricated with industrial grade foil, these works reveal my very direct process: I inscribe the surface with the handle of a wood spatula before painting in rich transparent color. Aluminum holds the memory of folding and creasing, jagged edges reveal the catching of a nail, the puddles and drips in the glaze are reactions to subtle differences in the surface that are hidden to our eyes – the intended and the fortuitous combine in the telling history of each piece.

My use of such simple materials invites a physical as well as visual response from the viewer, eliciting, perhaps, a meditative dialogue on wonder and surprise.